An island floating in space is a home to a living ecosystem. Wolves, deer and trees live in a delicate balance. For millenias the island was untouched by human hands. That is about to change.
  • Survive in a living ecosystem and find out how it works.
  • Explore a procedurally generated island.
  • Craft gear and other equipment to survive. We've got outfits and hats!


The game is available on Windows 7 and later. Download the game here:


Ekaterina Bessonova
3D Animation Artist & Designer
Jan Kočur
Player Character, Gameplay & UI Programmer
Jakub Svoboda
Procedural Generation & Environment Programmer
Yulia Malkova
Ecosystem Simulation Programmer
Radek Vavřička
Ecosystem Simulation Programmer
Markéta Conková
Music Composer

Special thanks to:

Andrew Baron and Martin Dlask for guiding us throughout the entirety of the project and giving us insights on game design and project managment techniques.